A few key figures about Le Havre

Le Havre is a seaside and nautical resort with outstanding natural spaces and a unique heritage. The city is an inspiration for artists, painters, and writers, but also a major urban and port area in the heart of a vibrant industrial, economic, and innovative region. Le Havre is a city open to the world which offers all kinds of assets for a new art of living.

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Benefiting from an ideal location within the unified Normandy region and situated just two hours away from Paris, “LH” – as the locals like to call it – attracts millions of tourists each year, eager to discover the unique history, singular architecture, and asserted modernity of the city, and enjoy its renowned dynamism.


0 15th largest city in France

0 inhabitants

0 ha of open areas and parks

0 students

0 1st city in Normandy (in terms of surface area / population)

0 A surface area of 47 km²

0 shops and retail services

0 Over 6,000 companies

0 1 to 2 daily ferry crossings to England

0 km away from Rouen

0 2h away from Paris

0 km entre Le Havre et Caen

Destination Le Havre

Le Havre Seine Métropole

Le Havre Seine Métropole is the largest international trade hub in France. It is the gateway to one of the most travelled seas in the world – the English Channel – and to the Seine Valley corridor connecting Paris and the Ile-de-France region to the rest of the world. This metropolis of the future is committed to improving the global appeal of the area and to reinforcing its influence by capitalising on three major assets : higher education, tourism, and economic development.


0 inhabitants

0 townships

0 A surface area of 496 km²

Le Havre Seine Métropole - Préparons l'avenir au quotidien