Choosing to study in Le Havre

Each year, 13,800 students choose to study at Campus Le Havre Normandie. Join them !

The choice of excellence

University, IUT, ISEL, renowned Grandes Ecoles, training centres, and research laboratories : Campus Le Havre Normandie offers more than 200 higher education programmes !

Because scientific progress is a driving force, Campus Le Havre Normandie supports all local researchers.

14 research facilities are now located on the campus. Numerous funded research projects are carried out and national and international scientific events are regularly organised.

Alongside the Normandy Region, Le Havre Seine Métropole contributes to the funding of five student research theses each year, granting up to 300,000 euros.

The choice of an innovative campus

Through its numerous support systems and facilities, Campus Le Havre Normandie provides a link between the youth, the research community, and the business world. By offering multiple opportunities for an open dialogue between all players, Campus Le Havre Normandie makes sure everyone find their way. 

The Cité Numérique has been an integral part of the ever more innovative and connected Campus Le Havre Normandie since the end of 2020.

Since 2020, the Cité Numérique has been one of the major innovation catalysts in the area !

Designed to provide help and support to projects carried out by student entrepreneurs, the Cité Numérique fosters synergies and interactions between various players through open innovation programmes and challenges (awareness and pre-incubation of student entrepreneurs, Campus Innovation Challenges, incubation internships, digital training programmes, etc.).

Bringing together innovation players, students, and companies, the Cité Numérique promotes and supports the digital transformation and attracts new talents to the campus.

The choice of an international campus

With excellent higher education programmes and diverse trainings, Campus Le Havre Normandie benefits from a multicultural environment resolutely open to the world, like the city and its world-class port.
The Euro-Asian campus of the University College of Sciences Po settled in Le Havre in 2007. Today, it welcomes more than 400 students from 35 countries. In Le Havre, Sciences Po has developed dual degrees with seven prestigious partner universities : Columbia and Berkeley (United States), UBC (Canada), Keio (Japan), Sydney (Australia), NUS (Singapore), and HKU (Hong Kong).

The EM Normandie Business School is also located on the campus. It has also developed numerous university exchange programmes and regularly welcomes foreign students.

Finally, for over 30 years, numerous academic exchanges have been carried out thanks to the partnership between the City of Le Havre and the City of Dalian, in China.

The choice of an urban campus by the sea

A view on the sea and a genuine passion for water sports… Campus Le Havre Normandie definitely lives with the tides !  

With a beach within walking distance from the city centre and an intense port activity (freight, fishing, yachting, regattas, etc.), the maritime identity of Campus Le Havre Normandie is plain to see !

Le Havre, bien plus qu'une station balnéaire...