Would you like to get involved in your new community and support local initiatives ?
Would you even like to create your own association ?
Just follow these guidelines !

Project support 

The City of Le Havre does its utmost to support local associations by providing them with information and counselling on various issues. For example :

  • COUNSELLING and administrative support on the functioning of your association and accompaniment to help you set up your project and seek funding.
    • The Café des Associations is an opportunity to exchange with other associations and professionals on a topic related to your project  
    • One or two-day trainings with professionals on a number of topics
    • Workshops providing simple tools to help you with the functioning of your association 
    • The Blabl’assos meetings, during which community leaders are able to share their experiences and exchange on various topics.

The Youth & Student Life Department can also help you develop your project by providing methodological, logistical, and financial support.

For further information, please visit :

Get involved in the community !

Would you like to get involved in your new community and engage in voluntary action ?
Are you looking for volunteers to help you carry out your project ?

The Community Life Department will provide you with :

  • Information and counselling on associations you might be interested in
  • A list of voluntary works
  • Information on how to put your involvement forward 
  • Help to find volunteers
  • The possibility to review classified ads and/or advertise on its platform

If you are looking for a student association to join, we advise you to get in touch with FED'LH, one of the main student associations at Campus Le Havre Normandie !

Bringing together 17 student associations, FED'LH works tirelessly to enliven the daily lives of the 13,800 students living in Le Havre.

FED’LH does its utmost to improve the living and studying conditions of all students. For example, one of its initiatives was to create the FED'LH Card, which enables students to benefit from discounts in numerous partner shops.

The association also organises two unmissable events each year : the Welcome Night and Goodbye Night.

Are you looking for initiatives and projects ?

Stay connected !

Stay connected with the latest news and events happening on the campus thanks to NEWZIN, the Web TV programme dedicated to the University of Le Havre Normandie !

Produced by a team of 15 students from all disciplines, NEWZIN offers a refreshing and practical insight on campus life with a touch of creativity and fun.

Phone : 02 32 74 40 00
Email : Email
Facebook : Newzin Univercity LH
Youtube : NewZinvercity

Tune in !

Tune in to BUZZRADIO, the web radio created by the IUT students !

Why not also read QIF, the magazine published by the IUT Frissard Information & Communication students ?

Give a helping hand

AFEV was created with the aim to support public policies and help fight against social and educational inequalities in working-class areas by designing a framework for the civic engagement of young people and, more particularly, students.

Each year, students get involved to provide individual support to a child or young person in a difficult situation.

By focusing on the needs of the child and his or her interests, this individual support goes beyond tutoring and provides an opportunity to work on the child’s motivation, self-confidence, cultural openness, mobility, and autonomy. 

Website :

Become a citizen

The Pop’UP initiative enables the youths of Le Havre to get involved for others !

Carried out by the City of Le Havre, this initiative aims to provide each youth with the opportunity to fully live his or her citizenship. Pop’Up lets each youth decide which type of engagement he or she is interested in, with the ambition that they get involved at least once between the age of 16 and 25.

Follow all the news related to Pop’Up !

Pop UP
Phone : 02 35 19 67 37
Site internet : Email
Instagram : pop_up_lh

Your cultural projects

The Cultural Department of the University

The primary purpose of the Cultural Department of the University is to facilitate students' access to artistic and cultural activities by organising meetings and events.

The services and facilities of the Cultural Department are available to all students living in Le Havre.

  • A venue for concerts, performances, and conferences open to all students
  • An exhibition hall for professional or amateur, local and national artists
  • A rehearsal studio
  • A photo processing lab

The Cultural Department of the University also offers arts, dance, circus arts, acting, and photography classes among other activities.

Registrations open in mid-September – Annual rates range from 40 € to 60 €

Do you have a cultural project ?
The Cultural Department will help you develop your individual or group project by providing methodological, logistical, and financial support.
Open from Monday to Thursday, from 10 am to 5 pm, and on Friday, from 1 pm to 4 pm.

The Cultural Department of CROUS Normandie  

The Cultural Department of CROUS Normandie also organises art workshops, exhibitions, and artist residencies. It also provides support to student project (Culture’Actions scheme), and also organises art contests (reading, comic books, short movies, photography, dance...) and events (Tremplin Musique, Festival de Théâtre, etc.).

Service culturel du CROUS Normandie
Opening hours : 8.30 am to 12 pm and 1.15 pm to 5.15 pm
44, rue Casimir Delavigne – 76 600 le Havre
E-mail : Email