Innovation in the heart of the campus

Located in the heart of Campus Le Havre Normandie, the Cité Numérique is a symbol of the local innovation strategy. The LH French Tech association provides support and counselling on business creation and innovation. The Cité Numérique contributes significantly to the development of the local digital ecosystem.

The Cité Numérique

In charge of the animation of the Cité Numérique, the LH French Tech association gathers together many entrepreneurs interested in the economic development and the improvement of the attractiveness of the area.

Within the Cité Numérique, LH French Tech develops incubation programmes for entrepreneurs and students.

Local companies are offered support and counselling with their innovation processes around entrepreneurship and open innovation.

The Cité Numérique aims to encourage entrepreneurship in the Le Havre area.

Specific programmes are also open to citizens, economic, institutional, and education stakeholders, students, and entrepreneurs, to encourage them to collaborate on the development and experimentation of products and services.

The Cité Numérique is not only a place dedicated to digital technology and innovation. It encourages citizens to contribute to innovation processes, serves the “smart territory”, and is a major tool for the development of innovative projects by and for the local stakeholders.

Specific programmes

The programmes offered by LH French Tech aim to raise awareness among entrepreneurs, employees, and students on the potential of digital technologies. These programmes mostly focus on the training required for professional development.

The Cité Numérique addresses these issues with :

  • Digital culture awareness programmes to encourage students to experiment with robotics, computer programming, 3D printing, etc.
  • Training courses on the specific skills sought by companies operating in the Le Havre area
  • Regular events designed to liven up the local ecosystem, highlight successes and failures, and encourage entrepreneurship and business, research, and community innovation.

With the Cité Numérique, LH French Tech aims to bring local talents to the fore, attract inspiring persons to lead discussions, and encourage new projects and new collaborations.

Getting students familiar with digital technologies and innovation

The Cité Numérique offers several group or individual programmes to help students :

  • Discover, create, and train for digital jobs (#Jeuness, #Startup à l’école programmes)
  • Undertake (#Préincubation Etudiants)
  • Challenge themselves and others (#Les Challenges d’innovation Campus)

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Specific Fablabs

At Campus Le Havre Normandie, several fablabs are open to students. Their works also contribute significantly to the rise of innovation in the Le Havre Seine Métropole area.

Fablab LH3D

  • Open to all students and companies

  • Laser cutting machine

  • 3D printers

  • Workstations for prototyping and programming

Contact details

Fablab FAIRONNERIE ABC (Esadhar – University of Le Havre Normandy) 

  • Open to all students

  • 3D modelling device and filament and resin 3D printers

  • Laser cutting machine of apps for research projects and prototypes

  • Use of Arduino controllers for prototyping

  • Use of ESP8266 WiFi chips

Contact details


  • Open to all students

  • 3D printers

Tech Shop - Lycée Jules Siegfried

  • Open to all Lycée Jules Siefgried students and to all companies

  • Digital or traditional machine tools

  • Filament and resin 3D printers

  • Laser cutting machine (wood and plastic) and carbon fibre 3D printers (soon)


  • Open to all ENSM students

  • ECDIS, SMDSM, cargo loading, engine room, and navigation simulators


  • Open to everyone, including students and companies

  • Temporary Fablab open during Exhibit!


  • Open to all UIMM students and to all companies

  • 1 “champion area” including an escape room (50 m²) and a workshop (70-100 m²) equipped with 3D printers, virtual reality devices, welding stations, etc.

  • Opening of a Fablab by 2021

Lycée Schumann Perret

  • Open to all Lycée Schumann Perret students

  • Professional software

  • 3D printer

  • Opening of a Fablab by 2021