Finding support

The City of Le Havre does its utmost to support local associations over the course of their project by providing them with information and counselling.

Counselling and supporting associations


The Community Life Department will provide you with counselling and administrative support on the functioning of your association to help you set up your project, create your association, seek funding, search for facilities, etc.


  • The Café des Associations is an opportunity to exchange with other associations and professionals on topics related to your project 
  • One or two-day trainings with professionals on a number of topics  
  • Workshops providing simple tools to help you with the functioning of your association 
  • The Blabl’assos meetings, during which community leaders are able to share their experiences and exchange on various topics

The directory of associations

A whole range of recreational, cultural, environmental, sports, and leisure activities are offered by the local associations and clubs. Just check the City of Le Havre directory of associations on the website for further information. You can also add your own association to the directory on the City of Le Havre website. 

For further information on all the news and events happening in the community : 

Service aux associations
site Ville du Havre

Secteur Vie Associative  
Phone : 02 35 19 67 37  
E-mail : Email 

Promoting volunteering

Would you like to get involved in the life of your community and engage in voluntary action ?
Are you looking for volunteers to help you carry out your project ?

The Community Life Department will provide you with :

  • Information and counselling on associations you might be interested in  
  • A list of voluntary works
  • Information on how to put your involvement forward
  • Help to find volunteers
  • The possibility to review the classified ads and/or advertise on its platform

En savoir plus : 

Service bénévolat
site de la Ville du Havre

Secteur Vie Associative
Phone : 02 35 19 43 54
E-mail : Email

Encouraging involvement

Relying on informal and responsive initiatives, Pop'Up enables the youths of Le Havre to get involved for others.
The aim is to inspire and promote any project that contributes to the improvement of the well-being and living conditions of all.

Phone : 02 35 19 67 37
Email : Email
Instagram : pop_up_lh