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The first meeting dedicated to student health

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The Le Havre Conference of Higher Education and Research Establishments (CHEERS) in partnership with the Health service of the Le Havre Seine Métropole Urban Community, organizes the Health Info Campus for all students.

4 thematic evenings to learn everything about Le Havre health structures

Round tables from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. - Free entry


Monday April 4 - Mental health evening - University Library

Moderator: Clément Baloche, President of the Fed'lh


  • The Mobile Intervention and Crisis Team(EMIC) is a service of the psychiatry center of the Le Havre Hospital Group which allows rapid treatment of situations of relative psychological emergency open to all users. Ms. Pelet and Mr. Valinducq will present this new unit to you.
  • A Haven of Sophrology - Elsa Le Jeune is a Le Havre sophrologist who will provide you with practical exercises to release tension.


Tuesday April 5 - Evening access to care, rights, care pathway - Magic Mirrors

Moderator: Shirley Coussergues, Head of the health service of the Le Havre Seine Métropole Urban Community


  • The AMUH, the Emergency Medical Association of Le Havre, brings together all the general practitioners of Greater Le Havre. Mr. Descamps will explain to you what to do in the event of any medical emergency.
  • CPAM, the Primary Health Insurance Fund. Ms. Charly will present the basic and additional rights to you.
  • UC-IRSA offers health exams. Ms. Nicolas will explain the procedure to you.
  • Sextant 76 is a multi-professional health association in the Greater Havre health area. Ms. Chang will present to you the common rights systems of the territory.


Wednesday April 6 - Sexual risk reduction evening - Magic Mirrors

Moderator: Clément Baloche, President of the Fed'lh


  • AIDES, association fighting HIV AIDS and viral hepatitis will be presented to you by M Renar (information and prevention).
  • CEGIDD, Free Screening and Diagnostic Information Center. Ms. El Forzli will present the center's missions to you.
  • The Refuge protects young LGBT+ people. The missions will be presented to you by M Gallais.
  • The Maillah network operates for prevention, information, guidance, help and support for people in difficulty with all forms of addiction and sexual health. It will be presented to you by Ms. Seiffert. SOS Suicide Phénix, suicide prevention and promotion of prevention actions, presented by its president.


Thursday April 7 - Evening: reduction of risks linked to consumption - Magic Mirrors


  • Nautilia, an addiction prevention association, will be presented by M Fontaine and Ms Brochard.
  • the City of Le Havre. M Lallemand from the Local Security Council will present to you the actions carried out by the city within the framework of the nightlife charter.


These evenings are organized as part of World Health Day which takes place on April 7, 2022. This program was developed in the student health working group led by CHEERS, in close collaboration with Fed'LH.

Our partners: The City of Le Havre, The Le Havre Seine Métropole Urban Community (Le Havre-Normandie Campus), The Fed'LH (Federation of Le Havre Student Associations) and the speakers.