The Ecole Nationale de la Securité et de l'Administration de la Mer (ENSAM) is settling on the campus !

Initially based in Nantes, in Loire Atlantique, the French Safety and Maritime Administration Academy (École Nationale de la Sécurité et de l'Administration de la Mer, ENSAM) will gradually settle in Le Havre by 1st September 2021.

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Sixteen members of the ENSAM staff have already taken up their new quarters in the premises of the French Maritime Academy (ENSM) of Le Havre, including members of the management staff, department heads, and educational coordinators.

ENSAM provides maritime administration training on behalf of the Ministry of the Sea. It was previously housed in the premises of the French Maritime Academy (ENSM) of Nantes, which is also about to move to new facilities.

“In Le Havre, we will be in the heart of the French Maritime Academy (ENSM) and of the campus, close to Sciences Po and to the Faculty of Law, with whom we aim to develop partnerships”, rejoices ENSAM Director Édouard Perrier.

Initial and continuous training programmes

The school trains officers and civil servants in all the administrative, operational, and technical fields related to maritime activities, such as maritime safety, policing at sea, state actions at sea, marine environment, etc.
Approximately 1,500 students pursue the continuous training programme each year. ENSAM also welcomes approximately thirty student officers within its military school. They are recruited through a competitive exam to graduate after two years at ENSAM. State civil engineers are also trained in the field of ship safety.

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