Students from the Le Havre-Normandie Campus commit to the Transat Jacques Vabre

As part of the departure of the Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie Le Havre, students from the different higher education establishments making up the Le Havre Normandy Campus responded to lend a hand to the organization.

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Exclusive collaborations

The university and Bin Happy create a sorting brigade

Thanks to the Tope-là ! device! Led by the Seine-Maritime department, 3 students from the University Le Havre - Normandy are collaborating with the Le Havre company Bin Happy, specializing in the collection and recovery of bio-waste. They thus make up a sorting brigade present in the Transat Jacques Vabre village until the start.

Find out more about waste recovery within the Urban Community

Find out more about waste recovery within the Urban Community

The Transat Jacques Vabre teams take part at ESADHaR

On Friday, November 5 in the morning, the Transat Jacques Vabre teams offer an intervention on the theme of inclusive design as part of a sporting event for 4th year students at 'ESADHaR, the Le Havre art school .

The ENSM makes its navigation simulator available

Within the official pavilion in the Transat Jacques Vabre village, the ENSM makes its navigation simulator available to the general public, on which students usually train in order to perfect their practical mastery. The opportunity to try out new missions!

Le Havre Student Sailing Regatta

Two crews were formed among Campus students: 5 students from ENSM, as well as 5 students from EM Normandie will set off to sea for a 100% student regatta on Thursday, November 4!

Varied missions

Saint-Jo Sup students in communication internship

Many students chose the internship route to collaborate on the event. Thus, 14 students from the Saint-Jo Sup establishment are today doing an internship in a communications agency and an events agency in Le Havre. Their missions are as numerous as they are varied:

  • assistance to event project managers on the communication part and the customer relations aspect
  • support for the Espace kids team
  • reception of VIPs from the press relations operations of the Transat Jacques Vabre (Club Entreprise and Bistrot des Chefs)
  • support on the highlights of the Transat Jacques Vabre
  • ensures compliance with the Corporate Social Responsibility policy in hospitality areas

It's super interesting to work with the skippers because we learn a lot about the world of sailing and the maritime world, which were completely unknown to me until now.
Célia Riblier, BTS Communication, intern at DB Com

Saint-Vincent-de-Paul and Sciences Po showcase their specialties

In addition, 4 students from the Saint-Vincent-de-Paul high school, specializing in visual professions, are interning with the Transat Jacques Vabre organization in the field of photography.

Finally, a student from the  Sciences Po Le Havre will be interning directly within the Transat Jacques Vabre association in order to take charge of the management of the event's partners.

An IUT student on the starting line

For this edition of the Transat Jacques Vabre Normandie - Le Havre, we find a student from Le Havre on the starting line: Thimoté Polet, aged 20 and a 2nd year DUT Marketing Techniques student, will set off alongside Nicolas Lemarchand for his first transatlantic crossing as a duo!

Read Thimoté Polet's testimony