Lycée St Jo students are planning a bicycle trip to raise awareness on environmental issues and promote bicycle use

Several Le Havre high school students aged between 15 and 17 years old are getting ready for a unique challenge : a 333-kilometre “Eco Bike Tour” to raise awareness on environmental issues and promote bicycle use.

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“The idea is to convince our relatives and the people we'll meet that, if we manage to ride 333 kilometres, it is indeed possible to ride to the baker's to buy some bread”, summarises Nathanaël Bellin. Together with about a dozen fellow students from Lycée Saint-Joseph, they are planning a bicycle trip to raise awareness on environmental issues.

Issues we are concerned about 

The idea has been rattling around the minds of the gang for several months. “At first, we thought it would be some kind of holiday” says Lise Mai, another member of the band. “But we wanted to add another dimension to our project, like a challenge”.
Concerned about environmental issues – having already taken part in “Walk, The Global Walk” last year – they decided to use their adventure to promote bicycle use. “We chose issues we are concerned about”, adds Anna Bertrand. “For example, many students still come to school by car, sometimes causing traffic problems with those who ride to school.”

We are a versatile team : there are girls as well as boys. Some of us are rather sporty, others less. We come from all walks of life, says Anna.

Over 700 kilometres altogether

Convinced that leading by example is crucial, the gang will hit the road next summer for a more than 300-kilometre journey, which will take them from Le Havre to Montreuil-Bellay, in Anjou. Over 700 kilometres altogether when taking into account their return journey and a few extra trips along the way.
With the help of several cycling clubs, the gang took part in a series of training sessions, regularly riding to Etretat and across the Norman countryside to get prepared for their journey. During the Easter holidays, they plan to push on to Lisieux to test their set-up and equipment before the grand departure scheduled for next July.

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